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Fries Media Productions is a full-service production company that leverages the awesome power of film, television and digital content to tell stories across a variety of platforms.

Blue Myst Media was founded by John Fries, a veteran writer, designer, filmmaker, and media producer-director whose extensive experience encompasses journalism, marketing, PR, advertising, education, entertainment, direct response, and more.

John has an extensive background in communications and media. He has led the communications departments at several prominent organizations and worked on creative initiatives and campaigns for dozens of clients, from major corporations to small businesses and nonprofits.

In 2003 he wrote and directed a dramatic film, Blue Myst Road, that told three stories based on Pittsburgh urban legends. The film received significant media attention, favorable response at public screenings and was recognized in the Pennsylvania Senate for its use of North Hills, Pittsburgh locations and for casting local actors.

An award-winning digital team leader and prolific writer and designer across all media, John has been writing, producing and directing compelling stories for more than three decades.

Credits include

  • Writing and directing Blue Myst Road
  • Creating several web series
  • Producing an online video series to launch a prominent business author 's new book
  • Writing and directing a short film that launched a successful $18 million capital campaign for a major, faith-based nonprofit
  • Establishing a branded online video channel and producing content for a rebranded professional arts organization
  • Co-producing more than 100 episodes of a weekly television talk show
  • Producing dozens of videos to help a medical organization communicate with its worldwide audience
  • Creating several film-style teasers to help a Pittsburgh theater organization promote ticket sales
  • Writing, directing and packaging a number of featurettes
  • Producing a film in which a Holocaust survivor tells her unique story
  • Producing videos to help a major museum provide behind-the-scenes perspectives to its audience
  • Hosting a cable television rock music video program and interviewing a number of then-A-list performers and bands including Cheap Trick, Heart, Kansas, Ted Nugent, The Clash, Santana, Greg Kihn, and others.
  • Establishing RealMarketingTV, an online video program about innovative marketing
  • Coaching a number of television guests prior to their appearances
  • Executive producing an audio podcast hosted by a popular radio figure

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